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It was exactly 77 years ago,  when family Green - now a line of mill builders - started  to produce Good Mills - Green's flour mills with craftsmanship passed on  by every generation. The magic of our flour mills comes from the beauty of our nature, mastercraft of our people and the need of wholesome way of living in harmony with our country.

Question: What does it mean - Healthy flour?

During these seven long decades we have verified, that there are in fact four categories of those interested:  


- Bakers, because they need genuine fresh, sweet-smelling  flour, full of vitamins and enzymes,

- Businessmen - millers, because they need to supplement the flour market with flour types which the huge flour mills cannot offer and right these shortage types are the best and healthy. These millers supply the fresh flour to the small bakeries.


- Proprietors of hotels and lodgings, because they have to fulfill every day more and more noticeable call of their guests for a healthy cereal breakfast ,

- healthfully living people, who buys and use the products of the company Green                for their own needs and for the needs of their families, because they have realized they could do more this way for their health than to buy any synthetically fortified products from big-malls or from any drugstore.

If you feel you belong to anyone of these groups,

then you`ve come to the right address.


 Now there are stone-mills from the company Green working all over the world – from Australia through North or South America to Japan, Korea, Africa and – naturally – in Austria, Germany, France, Swiss, Italy etc.





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Green mills for farmers and settlements




Good Mills  - from the East Tyrolean company Green

Now you can choose one of our products, that suits best your needs:

 Look through our  Catalog

there is our offer of the whole and complete range of corn mills with the capacity:

- from half pounds/minute up to two pounds/minute – these are small table grinders and oat flakers,

- up to 200 - 1000 pounds/hour – these are very special slow-turning stone mills with so called cold milling – because of retaining of all valuable components from the corn in the flour.


We have something to offer even for the difficult task – to achieve the flour sweet-smelling and full of vitamins, but still as white as possible. For these targets we have several different types of milling stones  according the intention.




If you have any questions, please send them to us  

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