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Grain belongs to the oldest, most complex and most nourishing food that the human race got from the nature for thousands years. The human organism has been accommodated during this time so tight  to the digestion of the whole-meal flour, that the shortage of such flour during the last 100 – 150 years (whole-meal flour has almost disappeared from our current consumption) has caused a lot of damages to human health.

The arrival of the roller mills 100-150 years ago was a logical solution for increasing the amount of the food , but – as it often happens – many times the new upgrade brings something negative. Shortage of the everyday supply of valuable matters from the whole-meal flours has significantly did a job on growth in diseases (stress resistance, bad digestion, heart diseases,  circulatory system, …).

There is a big difference between the flour from roller mills and the flour freshly milled from a stone-mill - it is as follows:  the flour changes quite quickly its quality – in the flour from a stone mill there is a variety (and substantially more than from roller mill) of valuable vegetable fats, vitamins and enzymes – these are vital for the good function of our body, but they go bad within the span of day or two and what remains, it is just a white “fodder”.

The fresh flour contains  not only the fiber from bran, but many minerals, antioxidants and important trace elements, e.g. iron, iodine, selenium, zinc and chromium and every has his own crucial role for our health.

And one more piece of knowledge – fresh flour has a great pleasant smell!


 To insure that all important matters are transferred from the corn to the flour, there is necessary that the milling process is careful and heedful: the temperature between the stones should not be over 40°C (136°C), the corn has to be clean and dry. Therefore it is not so important just to have a high capacity – usually it is at the price of higher revolutions and temperature, thus deteriorating the most of enzymes.

Researching physicians in Austria accomplished an extensive research in schools, where part of the children had the feeding with much higher proportion of products from whole-meal flour. There was already after half year a noticeable difference and by tests confirmed, that the observed part of children behaves better, they have better assessment, they are more attentive and their state of health is better as the comparative part of children.


Today`s people know better than ever before, that it is the most healthy way to live in harmony of soul and body, balanced with the nature. Let`s try to understand better the nature and to take the best from all, the nature endows us.



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