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Green mills for your family

Good Mills - small electrical table grinders

These are driven by reliable, heavy-duty electromotor 230V/50Hz (by request any other V/Hz too). You can have any time at home enough fresh sweet-smelling flour – for breakfast, for homemade bread, cakes, etc.

Green mills for bakery, buffet, boardinghouse, hotel


Good Mills -  table grinders for hotels or lodgings  

Typical place, where you can see these grinders, are the hotel`s cafeterias, snack bars, especially at breakfast time. The grinders are working silently, efficiently, their operation is very simple, they are durable and reliable for years.

Good Mills - classical stone-mills

These mills are designated for small and and medium size bakeries, where there are usually  the most insistent needs to have a special flour for the “daily bread”.

Green mills for farmers and settlements

Good Mills - big stone-mills and milling assembly  

The biggest classical stone-mills are designated for bigger bakeries and/or for millers, who want to deliver the fresh flour for the small bakeries.  



Good Mills - combined grinders with sifter

Joining together a smaller classical stone-mill with appropriated sifter we can spare the valuable place, simplify the operation and save energy.


Accesories for Green mills - barrels, bowls, sieves, scoops

Good Mills -  accessories

Accessories can be of a good help for those, who are able to appreciate usefulness and beauty of the classical complements – sieves, scoops, shovels, small grain tanks, wicker baskets etc.




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