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Today`s demands in hotels or any lodgings are evidently headed towards supplementing the food with cereals in any form. Especially the guests from highly developed countries consider to be quite desirable to have for breakfast besides the usual coffee, croissants or cheese and cookies the fresh made oat flakes, or with yoghurt a handful of fresh milled dinkel wheat (spelt) or rye. This way they take care from the very morning after their good condition and general state of health.

The chain of hotels „SORAT“ (speaking of about 20 of them in Germany) takes care in an exemplary manner of their guests:

The breakfast is – of course – included (“bed and breakfast”), but the guest can have his “breakfast” any time during the day, or he can have it “wrap it up”. Naturally, there must not be missing a small grinder from company Green.

Picture on the left – small table grinder “Rondella”



















Flocker - vločkovač s kľukou













Servírovací stolík s vodným mlynským kolesom


In the quiet  and pleasant ambience in hotels or lodgings of every size, there is a place for a suitable complement – slowly rotating table - “dinner-wagon”. Perfectly shaped genuine wood, quiet murmur of water falling on the mill wheel and guest`s eyes are attracted by slowly rotating table – there are attributes of this complement, that can emphasize the style of your cafeteria or dining-hall.

Breakfast in hotel TannenhofThe family mountain hotel Tannenhof in the very heart of alpine Austria - morning snack-bar offers a rich choice, there has to be - evidently - wide selection of cereals ...

(small table grinder A100)



Small table grinders, such as "Rondella", A100, A130 or A200 are day-after-day fully employed in many hotels, various longings, restaurants... Let`s mention at least some of them:

Rosenberger Markt-Restaurant, Wien,

Vitalhotel Seewirt, Mattsee,

Hotel zum Jungen Römer, Radstadt,

Hotel Alpina, Bad Hofgastein,

Hotel Alpenrose, Maurach,

Hotel Gasthof Schwarz, Mieming,

Hotel Johanna, Umhausen,

Ferienhotel Geiger, Serfaus,

Bio Thermenhotel Bad Waltersdorf,

Arabella Sheraton Hotel, Frankfurt,

Sheraton Alpenhotel, Schliersee,

BioPension Daberer, Dellach,

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