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Any of these nice table grinders can serve as a source of healthy flour, furthermore by their elegant shape it is the right decoration of your kitchen.


The fact that the whole-meal products are healthy is well known for almost everybody.  The less known fact may be, that the food rich in fibers, could protect even against  intestinal cancer and vascular diseases.


The reason of these abilities of the whole-meal products is, that they contain antioxidants such as e.g. orthofenolen. This works like a catcher of free radicals and thus it protects the human body against ageing and against emerging various types of cancer. Free radical – they are molecules where there is one electron missing and these radicals can – without any scruples – snatch the missing electron from anywhere in your body – from any cell, any organ, from any protein or DNA.



A - 400, 25 - 30kg/h




A 700 MSM, 70 - 100kg/h





According to Mr. Ames,MD, from University of California, Berkeley, an expert in research of cancer, the genetic information in the core of every cell (DNA) gets every day approx. 10 thousand hits by those free radicals. That means enormous strain. If we do not have enough of antioxidants, DNA could be “damaged” and after that it starts to produce by cell division new ill cells – and that could be the speedway to cancer.


Sufficiency of effective antioxidants in the body – that is one of the key factors of the protection against illness and ageing.



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