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A-1600, pomalobežný, 400 - 500kg/h

A - 400, 25 - 30kg/h

"Vulkan" – it is a novelty among the stones for the milling. His unique structure, resembling petrified sponge from volcanic material allows to obtain the flour, that is significantly more white (after sifting passage).

Therefore this type of stone is very suitable, when the demands are to increase the proportion of white types of flour. Besides it allows to produce the whole meal flours as well. His hardness permits to use this stone for many years without need of re- grooving. The  conditions in production of this stone allows to prepare the stones up to 1000mm of diameter (ca. 40 inches).



"Naxos" - during the last 30 years it is the most used type of the mill stone. It is extremely hard, self sharpening, the re-grooving is recommended after 10 years of continuous use (24h/day, 7days/week), it has very fine structure, so it mills the grain as a whole, the same fineness from the core and from the bran. Its sharpness  gives extraordinary high output, comparing with other stones. These stones can be produced up to the biggest type – 1600mm diameter (ca. 65 inches).




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