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Bio Vollwert Bäckerei Gradwohl, Weppersdorf



A 700 MSM, 70 - 100kg/h

Chlieb nᚠkaždodenný ... nech je zdravý a bez chémie

Already long time ago the nutrition researchers have confirmed, that our „daily bread“ is no more the right source of our strength a health. There is a routine use of stabilizing agents, mold suppressants, dough improvers, etc. – that all could give a perfect product appearance and even some taste, but never the genuine strength, that comes from authentic and clean grain.

A good bakery, such as e.g. Bio Vollwert Bäckerei Gradwohl, Weppersdorf  is using as the main component freshly milled flour.

 Quote: "... every day freshly milled flour right in our bakery gives us a guarantee, that the vitamins from the valuable sprout, trace elements and minerals underneath the bran layer will be all exploited.    (Stone-mill Type A-1200, slowly rotating, gives 250 - 380 pounds of flour/h.)

Several other references to the stone-mills of the company GREEN, working day-after-day in hundreds of bakeries :



Kütschers Backstube, Mendig

Kütschers Backstube in village Mendig, municipality  Obermendig:

... for our Bioland whole-meal bread we are milling every day the fresh flour from grains ...

... our bread is every year awarded a prize, e.g.  award CMA (Centrale Marketing - Gesellschaft ) - "quality mark of german countries" ...

(Stone-mill A-700, slowly-rotating, 150 - 220 pounds of flour/h.)


Vom Backgewerbeinstitut München zur 5-Sterne-Bäckerei ernannt

A - 160 MSM  -  kombi









Alpenburger Landbäckerei: Auszeichnung für unser Vollkornbrot












A 400 MSM - kombi

the first "bio" - bakery in Saxon-Anhalten,(D)

Apenburger Landbäckerei :

"... Our own grain mill embodies the distinctiveness of our hand-crafted bakery: during everyday`s milling of the fresh flour there remain all vitally important and aromatic matters from the grain. To That is the guarantee of the tasty and sweet-smelling bread ..."


(Stone-mill A-1000, slowly rotating, 200 - 300 pounds of flour/h.)

Itzlingers Vollkornbäckerei

Itzlinger`s whole-meal bakery uses daily the stone-mill A-700. From their  philosophy:

 ... We comprehend as the whole-meal bread just the one, where the flour has been milled immediately before processing - whole grain inclusive the sprout... Only this way all valuable, for the human life important components remain saved ...

Bäckerei Waldherr

... the whole-meal bread and all whole-meal bakery products - they are the basis for the applying the principles of the philosophy of health nutrition ...  The whole-meal products - they are not only energy source, but they give our body well balanced fibers, vitamins and minerals  ...












Let`s mention some of hundreds of another bakeries, where there the stone-mills from the company Green work every day:

Kornstube Sommer, Klagenfurt,

Bio-Hofbäckerei Mauracher, Sarleinsbach,

Bäckerei Schwarz, Stockerau,

Ruetz der Bäcker, Kematen,

Bäckerei Hochleitner, Tamsweg,

Denninger Mühlenbäckerei, Frankfurt,

Mühlenbäckerei Medwege, Schwerin,

Freibackhaus Lübeck, Lübeck,












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